We Make Dance Music, Audiol Architecture For The New Era Artist

We Make Dance Music, Join The Creative Community

We Make Dance Music, Audiol Architecture For The New Era Artist

We Make Dance Music, Join The Creative Community




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Focus on adding your ideas into a track that's ready for your musical input - right away. Translate your thoughts to action and build tracks quickly and more efficiently than ever.

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Your templates come pre-mixed, arranged, and balanced by studio veterans. The frequencies are fine-tuned for optimal sound quality in your speakers, headphones, car and in the club.

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Educate yourself by dissecting the templates, studying the producer notes, and learning on your own terms. No time restrictions – only time acceleration. #YourWayAllDay

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Get to that 10/10 level. Browse the services section to find the solution that works best to perfect your musical creations. From tweaks to full ghostwriting and everything in between.




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Magic Tracks Interview18-Year Old IT Apprentice Shaping the EDM Scene

Jack - otherwise known as EDMlabs - is one of the hottest up-and-coming producers hailing from the talent-rich UK. He was recently featured on www.house.net charts but even more impressive is his contribution as the top seller in the emerging music template industry. We got a chance to catch up with him to learn more about his illustrious career.  Have a listen to his music here.

Click here to read an exclusive interview about his life, work, and industry thoughts.




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