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Alex Menco InterviewEDM Rising Star Sharing 100% of His Talent With The World

Alex Menco is a rising star in the EDM scene and we’re STOKED to have him onboard. Hailing from Russia, Alex has a unique sound that is part Big-Room, part House, and 110% electrifying. He’s setting the WMDM charts on fire with his smash templates Bounce, Crackin’, and Toojamo.


Have a listen to his music here

Click here to read an exclusive interview




Let's Hear From The Crowd


“I love DJing but it’s a never-ending battle…

… to do promotions and land the next gig. So I had to transition to producing and find other ways to get income. This concept makes it easy – upload, promote, and they always pay on time without me asking. That’s a luxury in the industry!”
- Ray, Miami, Florida

“Some artists struggle to constantly produce…

… new, current music so sometimes we miss the wave. With the FR+L Catalog, I buy exactly what’s hot and have full rights to it immediately. No paying for studio time, no legal expenses. I can’t believe I’ve gone 90% of my career without this option.”
- Tarik, Leeds, England

“I've tried a lot of different ways to learn…

… through paid tutorial websites, dissecting YouTube videos, and it helped, but since I cannot afford audio production school, there is nothing like buying templates and being able to learn directly from them at my own pace. Forget pressure, time constraints, other people and distractions. This is the best way for me to learn and it’s working.”
- J.J. , Los Angeles, California

“It’s like the cat is out of the bag

– even some of the top producers start their projects with templates. Well, if they do it, so can I. I’m happy to build on someone else’s project and configure it in my own sexy style. Great results. Why not? I have to take every advantage I can get in this world.”
- Leora, Denver, Colorado