Naming your uploads:

We know now that naming your uploads correctly has an impact on sales so check out our new blog post to learn how to showcase your products to make the best out of the platform.

Our internal search engine and the external ones {Google, Bing} will not find your items unless they are properly named and the description includes keywords about what it is. Here is our guide to it:

Always write Song Name - DAW (Genre) example:

  • Project Name - Ableton Template (Techno)
  • Project Name - Logic Pro X Template (Progressive)

Same for Sample packs and Sounds:

  • Pack Name - Serum Presets (Bass Music)
  • Pack Name - Construction Kits (Trap)
  • Pack Name - Sample Pack (Mixed Genres)
  • Pack Name - MIDI Pack (Trance)


  • Project Name - Audio STEMS + MIDI (Film Score)

For Music:

  • Artist Name - Song Name (Genre Name)

Product Description:

The product description should first include the name of the product:

  • Item Name - DAW Name (Genre Name)

In the description you must include the techniques you used to produce the genre, how you produced the sound design, the design of the patches, if you used sidechain compression. If you used a specific plugin, make sure you explain its role. You can also let people know what or who was your inspiration to produce this project. More information is always better than less.


In this section we recommend adding detailed channels information like the following:

55 Channels

18 MIDI Channels

28 Audio Channels

3 Sylenth1 Channels

9 NI Massive Channels

3 Spire Channels

3 Serum Channels

5 Send FX Channels

3 Send Busses (Drum - Synths - Vocals)

Download Sixe: 777MB

Editing your existing content:

Did you know you can edit the description, change the demo and project files, add a new cover, and also change the project name at any time? To do so, follow the link You can also download the original ZIP files and MP3 from this page. We hope this will make it easy for everyone to update the files and make them as good as they can be.

If you update a template for Ableton live, we strongly recommend to add some details on the new version. The customer that purchased the item will be able to download the new version for free. This could be very useful if you have support request from customers and want to make changes to the projects.

New important categories are now online. We added them to help launch new lines of products:

Ableton 10 Templates

Cover Songs - Remakes

World Music

Future House

Future Bass

Tropical House

Latin Music

Producer Page Bio:

You’ll agree that including relevant information about what you do is very important. It is great to see your story as a producer or information about your label and where you are from. Your producer / Label page represents your brand. Since searches also include a producer tab (see below), make sure you fill in as much information as you can so you will be found on the site.

Any questions, please get in touch via email.